Foa & Son Privacy Policy

Federal and State regulations require financial institutions, including insurance agents and brokers, to notify their clients about the manner in which their non-public personal financial information is collected, maintained and disseminated.

At Foa & Son, maintaining our clients’ privacy is a top priority. As your agent, we only use your personal information to assist us in obtaining insurance coverage on your behalf. This privacy policy is not new to Foa and Son; we have been protecting our clients’ personal information for over 150 years.

Additionally, the following disclosure is provided pursuant to New York State Insurance Department Regulation No. 194 (11 NYCRR 30.1 et seq.):

As a licensed insurance producer, Foa & Son is authorized to confer with its clients regarding their insurance needs, the terms and conditions of various insurance options, the substantive benefits of various insurance alternatives, and to negotiate and bind insurance placements.

As a licensed insurance producer, compensation is paid to Foa & Son based on these insurance placements.  Compensation may vary depending on the insurance companies, and coverage involved with these placements, and will be paid by the insurer or by a third party. In some cases, other factors such as the volume of business or loss ratio of the insurance that Foa & Son places with an insurer may also affect compensation

Foa & Son is pleased to provide, upon request, information about the compensation we anticipate to receive based in whole or in part from the sale of insurance to you, and if applicable the compensation we would otherwise anticipate to receive from any alternative quotes presented to you.

Thank you for choosing Foa & Son Corporation to serve your insurance needs.